We are looking for volunteers who can support various activities of Kyoto Art Center.
Those who would like to participate in the activities related to the creation of arts, and those who would like to use their extra hours working for something are welcome to join us and enjoy the interaction with people of different generations. Please come to the volunteer orientation.

Volunteer orientation

To be a volunteer, you must attend the volunteer orientation session where, we explain the facilities and volunteer activities of the center. It is not compulsory to register yourself as a volunteer after participating in the orientation. Therefore, feel free to come and participate in the volunteer orientation.

2018 schedule


August, 3(fri)15:00-17:00
September, 2(sun)11:00-15:00
September 12 (Wed)19:00-21:00
November 5 (Mon)15:00-17:00
December 5 (Wed)19:00-21:00

January 19 (Sat)11:00-13:00
February 4 (Mon)19:00-21:00
    • Orientation will be done in Japanese. For volunteer registration, basic Japanese conversation is necessary. If you can not do activities in Japanese, please contact us.
    • If you do not match the orientation days, please contact us.
How to Apply
You can apply on this page (only Japanese) or TEL:075-213-1000, FAX:075-213-1004, E-mail. Please specify following information.
1:orientation dates you want participate in. / 2:name / 3:Phone number
*Case of e-mail please indicate the title such as “Volunteer orientation”

For more information, please contact us. TEL +81-75-213-1000