Wicket (goods/tickets)

We sell our original goods, tickets for the events held here, and other goods related to the exhibitions. Please come and visit us.

Selling Place

West Wing 1F side of the office

Opning Hour

10:00 ~ 20:00

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We sell post cards of our retro-style Art Center building, logo pins and badges, stationary, paper napkin for tea ceremony, and other original goods. We also sell goods and catalogs related to exhibitions and events throughout the event. They will be good souvenirs.

Prices include sales tax.

Kyoto Art Center Original Goods

books published by Kyoto Art center

Diatxt./diatxt. 01-16 1,050 yen/copy

Diatxt./diatxt 01-16

1,050 yen/copy

The Slowness of Light 2,400 yen

The Slowness of Light

a catalogue of “Kyoto Biennale 2003(4.October-3.Nobember)” bilingual

2,400 yen

Exhibition catalogue 1,000 yen

YuramekiTokeyuku -Yasue Kodama×Tetsuji Nakanishi-

a catalogue of the exhibition “new incubation 4 (June 2012)”

1,000 yen


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