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T.T.T. is a three-week summer intensive training program that introduces Japan's traditional performing arts. In 2022, following a two-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we redesigned the program to offer arts each year *in rotation*, such as nō, kyōgen, kabuki, bunraku, Nihon buyō, and rakugo. T.T.T. 2023 will be a three-week training and we will offer kyōgen and Nihon buyō, with an optional short course in kotsuzumi (nō shoulder drum).

The program, founded by Jonah Salz and SHIGEYAMA Akira in 1984, is based on the practice-recital approach and allows participants from all over the world to come together to learn the skills and spirit of Japan's traditional performing arts in Kyoto, the traditional heart of Japan. Fluency in Japanese proficiency is not necessary but can be helpful as lessons are typically given in the language (with staff on hand to assist).

Daily training take place at the KYOTO ART CENTER studios in downtown Kyoto and the recital is held on the stage of the 100+ year-old Ōe Nō Theater.


T.T.T. invites artists, students, and researchers seeking to expand their knowledge of and proficiency in Japanese traditional performing arts. This is an inclusive program—we welcome applications from people of all backgrounds and abilities, nationalities, genders, and ages. Participants will be able to pursue their interests in Japanese traditional performing arts by experiencing their richness and depth through intensive, daily training sessions with respected masters.

2023 Program Capacity: approximately 16 participants total (8 per course)

Requirements: students, performers, teachers, and Japanologists of all ages, genders, and nationalities should have the desire to learn about Japanese performing arts and be able to commit to the entire program from orientation day to the final recital.


Kyoto Art Center will accept T.T.T. applications from early March to 15 May. The deadline may be extended if there is space. Applicants will be notified of results on a rolling basis no later than the end of May.

Program period

28 June to 21 July 2023


28 June 2023


July 21 at Ōe Nō Theater.


Kyōgen, Nihon buyō,
Kotsuzumi(optional short course, not included with tuition)
Nō and bunraku(half-day workshops, included with tuition)


The tuition is 80,000 yen for general participants and 70,000 yen for students (professional-grade fans included).

*Participants should come with white tabi (split-toe socks). We will advise participants on where to purchase these if needed. Cotton kimono (yukata) and obi sashes will be required–participants can use their own (if appropriate) or rent them from KAC for 1,000 yen.



Program Administration: Dr. Matt Shores

Program Advisor: Professor Jonah Salz

For more information, contact the KYOTO ART CENTER (in Japanese or English) at or +81 (0)75-213-1000.
You can also visit the KYOTO ART CENTER website at or simply stop by the Center, a short walk from Karasuma Shijō Station.
Information and updates are also available at

Application details / procedures

The program is open to people from all countries and backgrounds. We look forward to reviewing applications from enthusiastic applicants.

Application Procedure

Download and complete the Application Form as well as other documents below and send them by email or post.

Applicants can download the Application Form here.

■Application Documents
・Application Form
・C.V. (free format, 5 pages or less [A4/letter size])
・Statement of Purpose (free format, 1 page [A4/letter size])
・If you would like to receive the student discount, please include evidence of your student status.

By  ※With the subject line "T.T.T. Application"

By post:
Yamabushiyama-cho 546-2
Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto 604-8156

Application Deadline

23:59 JST, Sunday, 15 May 2023
Applicants will be notified of the results no later than the end of May.

T.T.T. Scholarship

KYOTO ART CENTER will offer two T.T.T. scholarships (one tuition exemption per course) to those with specific plans to create artistic work(s) or carry out research based on their T.T.T. training. We look forward to recruiting women and men looking to develop their own expressions and original projects through the application of knowledge gained through Japanese traditional performing arts practice.


Candidates must have specific plans to create artistic work(s) or conduct research based on their T.T.T. training. This opportunity is open to any nationality, age or gender. Recipients will be required to report on their planned activity and outcomes.

Application Documents

・Application form
・C.V. / resume (free format, 5 pages or less [A4/letter size])
・Statement of purpose (free format, 1 page [A4/letter size])
・If you would like to receive a student discount, please include proof of your student status.

* In addition to application documents (listed above), the following is required : Proposal for work based on T.T.T. participation (free format, 5 pages or less [A4/letter size])
*Please note that submitted documents will not be returned.
*If you apply by email, please send application documents in a single PDF file.
*Personal information submitted to this open call for applications will be used solely for the purpose of selection. Materials from candidates not selected will be responsibly discarded.

Application Deadline

23:59 JST, Sunday, 15 May 2023

Selection Process

1. Document screening (T.T.T. program director & KAC staff)
2. Candidate online interview (with T.T.T. program director & KAC staff)

Scholarship Application Procedure

Send required documents by e-mail or post to the address listed above.
If applying for a scholarship, use the subject line “T.T.T. Application & Scholarship”

Recent Programs

TTT 2019: nō, kyōgen, Nihon buyō
TTT 2020, 2021: COVID-19 hiatus
TTT 2022: nō, rakugo
Photos by Takuya Oshima

Photos by Takuya Oshima