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Traditional Theater Training (T.T.T.)is a three-week summer intensive training program that introduces the traditional arts of Noh, Kyogen, and Nihonbuyo. The program is based on the traditional practice-recital approach, and aims to allow participants to learn the skills and spirit of traditional performing arts, and also build on their own self-expression and/or supplement their research activities.

First year

Founded in 1984 by Jonah Salz and Akira Shigeyama, since 2000 organized by Kyoto Art Center. Matthew W. Shores has been a program director since 2015.

Schedule of T.T.T. 2019

Wed. 17 July, 2019 - Sat. 10 August, 2019

Wed. July 17 2019 17:00- (venue: Kyoto Art Center)

Thu. July 18 2019 - Fri. August 9 18:30-(venue: Kyoto Art Center)

Sat. August 10 2019 (venue: Oe Noh Theater)

Application Details


Open to anybody (including researchers) actively involved with artistic forms of expression such as theater and dance. Participants should be able to commit to attending all scheduled sessions, from orientation to the final recital. Participants should have a strong desire to learn about traditional performing arts. Open to all nationalities, ages, and genders.


24 participants total〈approximately 8 per class〉


General 90,000 yen, Student 85,000 yen
These prices include tuition, recital fees, DVD and photo data of the recital, and a fan appropriate to selected art.
※ Veterans of previous T.T.T. will receive a discount. (Tuition: 60,000 yen, cost of fan is not included)
※Participants should come with white tabi (split-toed socks), fans (appropriate to selected art), yukata cotton kimono, and an obi belt. (We will advise participants on how and where to purchase these.) The Center has a number of yukata and obi that it can loan to participants (sizes limited).
※White tabi cost approximately 1,500-3,000 yen.
※Participants are encouraged to enroll in a supplementary kotsuzumi course (approx. five 1 hour sessions).

Application Procedures:

Complete the application form and send it to the Kyoto Art Center by post or email (hand deliveries are also accepted).

Application Period and deadline:

Deadline extended! We are still accepting applications.


Program director and Kyoto Art Center carefully reviews and evaluates applications. Applicants will be notified of the results as applications are
received. Applications may not be accepted if capacity is
reached prior to deadline.


It is the responsibility of applicants to arrange their own accommodations. (Kyoto Art Center can provide assistance, if necessary.)

Travel Insurance:

Participants from countries outside Japan are responsible for purchasing their own travel insurance.


Noh: Shingo Katayama, Hiromichi Tamoi, Nobuyuki Oe
Kyogen: Akira Shigeyama, Yasushi Maruishi, Sennojô Shigeyama
Nihonbuyo: Yayoi Wakayagi
Kotsuzumi (option) : Yasuko Hisada, Naoko Takahashi

Program Director

Matthew W. Shores

Past contents

Program for T.T.T. 2018
Noh: (shimai) "Atsumori" "Kakitsubata" "Iwahune" (utai) "Kuzu"
Kyogen: (kyogen) "Shibiri" "Busshi" (komai) "Tsuchiguruma" "Uji no sarashi"
Nihonbuyo: "Shinkyoku Urashima" "Tomomori" "Fujimusume" "Ume goyomi hauta tsuzuri" "Shizu no odamaki" "Inaka miko"
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