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Artist-in-Residence Program 2021 for Visual Arts

Kyoto Art Center’s Artist-in-Residence Program offers support to emerging artists and art researchers who wish to pursue creative activities in Kyoto. We switch between hosting visual artist and performing artist every year. In 2021, the program is open for visual artists / researchers. (We won't open for performing arts this year.)

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Please send us a filled out application form in English or Japanese by E-mail [ ], with the subject line “Application for AIR2021”.

Schedule for this year

●Exchange / ARTSPACE
Artist: Kenichi Ishiguro / Visual Arts【Japan】, Jenna Lee【Australia】

●Open-Call Program for Visual Arts
Artist: Diorama Vivant Theatre / Theater 【Taiwan】

Past contents

Rhosam V. Prudenciado Jr. &Mia Carmera T. Cabalfin / Dance【Phillipine】
Liu Lushan / Theater、Media Performance【China,Japan】
Oliver Herring / Visual arts【USA】
Pius Cheung / Music ( Composer, Marimba )【USA】
SHE SHE POP / Theater【Germany】
Stephanie Comilang / Visual arts【Germany】
Allison Orr / Dance 【USA】
Araya Rasdjarmrearnsook / Visual Arts 【Thailand】
Inbal Oshman / Dance【Israel】
Jay Kochel / Visual Arts【Australia】
MART / Visual Arts 【Ireland】
Hiroki Yamamoto / Visual art 【Japan/UK】
Yoon Hansol / Theater 【Korea】
Dylan Sheridan & Laura Hindmarsh / 【Tasmania】
A.lter S.essio( Fabrice Planquette/Yum Keiko Takayama ) / Dance【French / Japan, French】
Michael Maurissens / Dance【Belgium, Germany】
Maya Watanabe / Video【Peru, the Netherlands】
Seo Kyong-Sun / Dance【Korea】
Tao Hui / Video【China】
Alan Michard + Mathias Poisson / Visual and Performing Arts【French】
Kim Jeawon / Visual Arts【Korea】
Yoon Hansol / Theater【Korea】
Lee Jeun / Dance【Korea】
●Exchange / Seoul Dance Center
Artist: Koichiro Tamura / Dance【Japan】

●Associate Program: Res Artis / Videobrasil
Artist: Engel Leonardo / Visual Arts【Dominican Republic】

●Exchange / A4 Arts Museum
Artist: Satoshi Kawata / Visual Arts【Japan】, Wang Ziyue【China】

●Exchange / ARTSPACE
Artist: Nanao Tsukuda / Visual Arts【Japan】, Gerwyn Davies / Photograph【Australia】

●Open-Call Program for Performing Arts
Artist: Marious Joanno Elia / Music 【Cypros, Germany】

Res Artis Meeting 2019 Kyoto / Creative Encounters: Reimagining Residencies
●Exchange / ARTSPACE
Artist: Kohei Maeda / Visual Arts【Japan】

●Exchange / Seoul Dance Center
Artist: Kitamari / Dance【Japan】

●Open-Call Program for Visual Arts
Artist: J Triangular / Visual Arts 【Taiwan】
「HOUSEWARMING」, Rhosam V. Prudenciado Jr. &Mia Carmera T. Cabalfin, Photo by Takuya Matsumi

「HOUSEWARMING」, Rhosam V. Prudenciado Jr. &Mia Carmera T. Cabalfin, Photo by Takuya Matsumi

Oliver Herring criation

Oliver Herring criation

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