Survey Report: Questionnaire Related to the Activity Status of Artists in Kyoto

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, Kyoto City held a questionnaire to clarify situation of individuals, organizations, and businesses engaged in culture and the arts, and to ascertain what was needed for them to restart and sustain their activities. The questionnaire was answered by those from various fields - including fine art, music, theater, dance, traditional performing arts, and lifestyle culture - working in a range of different capacities such as expression, education and research, and technology.

Overview of the survey

*Response period: May 7th-20th, 2020 (14 days)

*Implement organization: Kyoto City (sub-implemented by Kyoto Art Center [Kyoto Arts and Culture Foundation])

1. Individuals who have residence or base of activities in Kyoto.
2. Organizations/Businesses operating or that have base in Kyoto.

*Method: Internet survey (some by mail)

*Number of responses (valid responses): Individuals 1,184 (1,122), Organizations/Businesses 292 (280)

survey results [summary]

survey results [summary] PDF, 997KB
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