【Now Closed】Traditional Theater Training 2016 invites applicants!

Traditional Theater Training(T.T.T.)invites artists, students, and researchers seeking profound knowledge of Japanese traditional performing arts.

Nationality, gender, and age are unimportant. You will be able to fulfill your curiosity about Japanese traditional performing arts by experiencing their rich skills and spirit through intensive, daily practice with masters in Kyoto, the traditional heart of Japan.

Application form
You can receive an application form at the Kyoto Art Center
or download one from the link below.


July 19 2016 (Tue) 18:00- (venue: Kyoto Art Center)

July 20 2016 (Wed)- August 12 (Fri) (venue: Kyoto Art Center)

August 13 2016 (Sat) (venue: Oe Noh Theater)


Noh: Shingo Katayama, Hiromichi Tamoi, Nobuyuki Oe
Kyogen: Akira Shigeyama, Yasushi Maruishi, Doji Shigeyama
Nihonbuyo: Yayoi Wakayagi

Program Director

Matthew W. Shores


Open to anybody (including researchers) actively involved with artistic forms of expression such as theater and dance. Participants should be able to commit to attending all scheduled sessions, from orientation to the final recital. Participants should have a strong desire to learn about traditional performing arts. Open to all nationalities, ages, and genders.

24 participants total〈approximately 8 per class〉

General 70,000 yen, Student/Artist 50,000 yen
※ Veterans of previous T.T.T. will receive a discount.
(Tuition: General 50,000 yen, Student/Artist 40,000 yen)

Application procedures:
Complete the application form and send it to the Kyoto Art Center by post or email (hand deliveries also accepted)
※ this call has closed due to capacity.

Application deadline:
30th June 2016

※Early-bird discount!
Those completing applications by April 15th will receive an additional 5,000 yen discount.
※ All the participants should come with white tabi (split-toed socks) and a fan for daily practice. In addition, yukata cotton kimono and an obi belt are required for the recital and the Nihonbuyo daily class. We will advise you how and where to purchase these. (fans cost approximately 4,000 yen; white tabi cost approximately 1,500 yen)


It is the responsibility of participants to arrange their own accommodations. (Kyoto Art Center can provide assistance, if necessary.)

352_NST1587_resizedKyoto Art Center TTT2015 recital Noh - Photo by: Takuya Oshima

372_NST1606_resizedKyoto Art Center TTT2015 recital Kyogen - Photo by: Takuya Oshima

304_NST1539_resizedKyoto Art Center TTT2015 recital Nihonbuyo - Photo by: Takuya Oshima
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