Exhibition Draft 2015 announces 6 plans passed the first screening

With the aim to discover and support young art curators or producers, "Exhibition Draft" call for exhibition plan at Kyoto Art Center.
This year, we will be held an exhibition on a large scale further in cooperation with "PARASOPHIA: the Kyoto International Festival of Contemporary Culture 2015".

So, Mr. Shinji Koumoto, an artictic director of PARASOPHIA: the Kyoto International Festival of Contemporary Culture has selected 6 plans as below.


Michiko Ike
Mariko Iguchi
Asuka Nirasawa
"the Rabbit and the Revolution" executive committee
Tadashi Ono
Masumi Kawamura

Final Presentation

At the Final presentation, above 6 planners will give a presentation, it is also open to the public. After the presentation, there is also criticism of the jury.

Date & Day:Sat. 14th June 16:00~18:00
Venue:Multi-Purpose Hall
fee:admission free

We highly appreciate to everyone who have applied for this project.
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