• Kyoto Art Center main gate photo by OMOTE Nobutada

    Kyoto Art Center
    photo by OMOTE Nobutada

  • Artist in Studios Artist:Monochrome Circus
    photo by OMOTE Nobutada

  • Meirin Workshop by artist in studios
    photo by OMOTE Nobutada

  • Kyoto Art Center 10th anniversary performing”Shikiten/ceremony”
    photo by Ayako Abe

  • Osamu KOKUFU -Anywhere from Here
    photo by OMOTE Nobutada

    photo by OMOTE Nobutada


Kyoto Art Center was established in April 2000 in a hope to promote arts in Kyoto in a comprehensive way by collaboration between the city of Kyoto, artists and other people related to art.
The center aims at supporting various artistic activities, providing information about arts, and promoting communication between the citizens and artists through arts.

Kyoto Art Center focuses on the following three points.

  • To support young artists in their activities regardless of genre.
  • To collect and disseminate information on arts and culture using various media.
  • To promote communication between artists and citizens; and among artists.

Our activities include exhibitions, tea ceremonies, traditional stage performances, concerts, dance performances, and various kinds of workshops for training artists and other people related to art, hosting innovative projects for the conservation of traditional arts and creating new ones. We also provide artists from home and abroad studio spaces and “artist in residence program”. Through such services and activities, the center is hoping to become the focal point of the city culture in the new era.