【Call for proposals】Co-program 2018

Kyoto Art Center (KAC) aims to find arts and culture which relate to the contemporary society, in stimulation and fusion of different genres and paradigms.
Co-program is the cooperative project to strengthen partnerships among artists, researchers, and KAC. We call for creative plans to move together toward the achievement of adopted plans.

We are welcoming your motivative plans with the following 4 categories;

Category A: Co-production (Stage Performance)
Category B: Co-organizing (Exhibition)
Category C: Co-experiment (Research, lecture, workshop, etc.)
Category D: KAC Selection (Restricted support for performing arts such as theater, dance, music, and traditional arts)

We eager to see your pioneering and experimental plans!

Co-program2018 guideline

1. Eligibility
Artists, researchers and art organizations, or individuals and groups supporting them. Applicants should be enthusiastic to stimulate artistic creativity of others and willing to communicate with Kyoto citizens.

2. Condition
Application must be the plan relating to arts and culture, whichever performing arts or visual arts, but it must contain public presentations.

3. Criterion
Novelty and experimentality

4. Application Deadline
18 November 2017, 8pm (Japan time)

5. How to apply
Please send following documents to Kyoto Art Center by mail:

1. Application Form (Category A, B and C…FormatⅠ Category D…FormatⅠandⅡ)
Please download here: Application form2018
2. Proposal(within A4*4sheets)
3. Budget proposal(within A4*1sheet)
4. Support document
*Documentation of your recent works, CV, review etc. (within A4*4sheet)
*Please send us DVD or CD if you would like to submit video or sound documentation
*Please note that we do not send the submitted materials back to you once you apply to the program.

Please send or bring your application documents to the following address by 18 November 2017, 8pm (Japan Time):

Yamabushiyama-cho 546-2, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto 604-8156 JAPAN
Kyoto Art Center Co-program
TEL: +81-75-213-1000

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